What would you need for bearded dragon habitat decor?

Bearded dragons are known as a docile, easy-going pet. They are also don’t need much of extreme care and habitat as well. But being an owner who had so much love for your bearded, you still want to bring them all the best or simply you want to make your vivarium look good.

Those following are some tips to help you mimic your ideal bearded dragon habitat decor.

Bearded dragon habitat ideas

#1 Desert Themes

Bearded dragons originally come from eastern central Australia; this hot, dry, sandy place and grassland area are home of bearded dragons.  If you prefer to provide them a habitat that most closely with what they have in natural, desert themes are a good ideal.

To built a desert for your pet, you should put in vivarium some things such as shrubbery, desert backdrop, hammock, soft bed, grass, etc.

#2 Jungle themes

In case you prefer to make a different, fresh and green vivarium. What you need to décor your tank can be: green grass carpet, lush foliage, rock staircase, rock water bowl, plants, faux left vines, etc.  This decor ideal remains you of lush, green jungle, enriching life environment and also easy to clean, maintain as well.

 Things that a Bearded dragon habitat kit should ensure

Whatever decor ideal that you choose, there are some things that you should attention while decorating your tank to keep your bearded dragon always safe and relax.

Bearded dragon habitat kits have to provide enough temperature, UV light, and humidity for bearded dragon’s requirement.

The most important thing that it needs to safe for the dragon, do not to maintain any sharp objects or made of harmful chemicals.

Decorating a vivarium should appropriate for your dragon’s activities and your tank space. Do not add too many things to a small tank. Your bearded dragon also needs a room that makes them be comfortable for any exercise.

Bearded dragon Food list and Feeding tips

Bearded dragon is considered a docile pet and easy to raise. Not only is it a lovely reptile pet, but it also helps you to feel relaxed when being cared for.

However, in order for a bearded dragon to maintain good health, it needs to be provided with a most suitable bearded dragon food list. A healthy bearded dragon can live with you for up to 2 decades.

Not all foods can become bearded dragon food, so you should be very concerned about this.

Let your pet eat the right food and the right diet so that it possesses the best body and spirit.

Here are bearded dragon foods that you can consider including in the bearded dragon diet.

#1 Protein

Bearded dragons cannot live without protein, so protein is one of the indispensable sources of nutrition for bearded dragons.

Proteins are mainly found in insects and some pests. The insects you can feed bearded dragons include crickets, dubias, mealworms and waxworms.

However, you should pay attention to the size and origin of these proteins. The size of insects that are not too big will affect the bearded dragon’s digestibility as they devour food.

You also should not choose insects of unknown origin or wild insects because they can carry many germs and bacteria.

#2 Vegetables

Vegetables make up an important part of a bearded dragon’s diet and greens can account for 20-25% of the diet.

Baby bearded dragons may not need to eat vegetables, but older bearded dragons (10 months or older) should add greens to their menu. A balanced diet would be better for a bearded dragon.

Green leafy vegetables are the ones you should choose. Cut green vegetables into bite-sized pieces and never use frozen vegetables.

The fruit is also a great addition to bearded dragons. You should choose berries like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries for bearded dragon to eat. And don’t forget to cut them into small pieces.

#3 Calcium

Add calcium to bearded dragon with food supplements. Don’t forget that bearded dragons are in great need of calcium for reproduction, strong bones and skin stripping.

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