How To Choose The Right Silicone For Your Intended Use?

Currently on the market there are many types of silicone sealant originating all over the world such as America, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, etc, which can make people confused when choosing.

Silicone sealants come in many varieties and each is suitable for different purposes. It may be the best glue for metal, may be the best glue for glass, but some cannot be best glue for ceramics.

To choose the right silicone for your purpose, you should consider popular criteria. We have summarized some criteria that you should consider before making your choice below.

#1 Uses

Silicone glue has 2 main lines: acid and neutral. The acid sealant is suitable for aluminum and glass and non-corrosive surfaces.

Neutral adhesive can be used for acid corrosive surfaces such as iron, steel, copper, concrete. Neutral glue works better on plastic door systems.

#2 Origin

Silicone sealants are manufactured from liquid primary silicone polymer, thickener and a number of other catalysts.

Basically the production process is similar in all factories. You don’t have to weigh too much on brand popularity. It is important that the raw materials used must be pure and suitable for the product line.

A small factory using good raw materials can also produce glue with a quality comparable to that of a famous big factory.

#3 Sensory evaluation

You can also rely on sensory evaluation to choose the right silicone sealant. This is also very easy, but you must observe it carefully.

The glue should not be too clear or too opaque. Glue in too is due to the use of many solvents. For example, when you look at some Chinese adhesives it will be very clear because they use a lot of solvents to lower production costs.

If the solvent is not good, the glue will shrink when dry, the solvent with volatile components will adversely affect the health of users in the closed room.

Adhesive is too opaque due to the use of impure, impure material. Material impurities will make the glue not long lasting, fading, brittle after a while.

The glue should not be too loose or too thick. The adhesive is too loose due to the high amount of solvents, the low silicone content, so the service life is not long. Conversely, too thick glue will make it difficult to apply.

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