What is the best type of cast nets for pro fish catcher?

Cast nets have been around for ages, but now both amateur and professional fish catcher continue to use this method. It is testament to cast nets effectiveness. As a fisherman, I do not waste my time and money at a store buying bait. I know that cast net is the best tool to catch the best fish.

Even you are a professional fisherman, you are only as good as the gear you carry. This post will help you get the best cast nets for pro fish catcher, and ensure you have a success day on the water.

#1 Nylon vs Monofilament

Cast nets are made from two primary materials – monofilament and nylon. Nylon is also synthetic fiber. However, I would recommend you to avoid it. Nylon is lightweight and more buoyant, so it takes a lot longer to sink in the water and is a lot more visible.

Not only that, it is seem to be have lower quality in compared with Monofilament. It also not really good at abrasion resistance and can be easily degraded by the sun’s UV rays.

You can see the advantage of nylon is that it is generally made in large diameter lines, which helps it more durable when being tough with rocks and reefs.

The biggest advantages of Monofilament are that better abrasion resistance, UV degradation resistance, and optical density that makes them less visible underwater. I prefer to use Monofilament as it less tangle a lot and also cheaper than Nylon.

#2 8’ vs 10’ foot net

8’ foot net is the good place to get start for most beginner. An 8’ foot net will cover 16 feet of water when it is thrown. But if you are experienced throwers, you should step it up if you want to catch more bait per throw.

And 10’ footer is what most seasoned net throwers are most comfortable to use. A 10-foot radius net opens to a circle approximately 20 feet wide. Larger nets catch means that you will catch a lot more bait, but it is also harder to throw and more expensive.

However, not one of these two types, if you are professionals or well-seasoned, I would recommend you to go with 12’ foot net. 12 foot nets are typically found on professional vessels but it is not used or needed for most fisherman.

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