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Each week Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk traverse the exciting world of Microsoft development (phone, tablet, desktop and Xbox); covering the latest news and exploring what it means for the developer community and everyday users.

Plus, exciting guests are always dropping by. Industry leading developers and bloggers like Paul Thurrot, Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng, PopCap Games, Mary Jo Foley, Alex Willhelm, and many many more!

If you’re a fan of Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox there’s plenty of exciting content to be found on the Windows Developer Show.

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Host - Ryan Lowdermilk

Ryan Lowdermilk (@ryanlowdermilk)


Ryan Lowdermilk is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He educates and empowers developers to deliver first class application experiences to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Ryan served as a software consultant in the Los Angeles area with responsibility for designing and implementing customer relationship and business intelligence solutions. Ryan has worked alongside some of L.A.’s top entertainment and retail firms to design and implement custom software solutions.

Travis Lowdermilk

Travis Lowdermilk (@tlowdermilk)


Travis Lowdermilk is a UX Designer with Microsoft and is the author of User-Centered Design: A Developer’s Guide to Building User-Friendly Applications. Currently, he is pursuing a graduate degree in Human-Computer Interaction at the College of Digital Media, DePaul University.