1. Anthony Clayton says

    +1 on list of documentaries. Another documentary available on Netflix that I think is very good is “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. Excellent story of a master craftsman.

  2. Charley Kerr says

    I’m listening to the podcast, and I would have to agree with Paul about BestBuy and Staples Stores displays and availability of the devices. Microsoft needs to have actual MS sales people in these stores. I walked into a Staples store in Ann Arbor and no banners, I went right towards where I saw all Windows 8 laptops. No Surface!! where do you suppose they had it? I actually had to ask where the Surface was located at. It was in the far corner near the copy station, placed on an endcap. BestBuy had something a little better but not as grand as the Apple center. BestBuy’s display was a table divided in half with the Windows Phone 8, the Surface, and a Windows 8 Desktop on one side and on the other side were 4 Windows 8 Laptops. The location of the display was in the Cellular center. the Microsoft center needs to be huge and located by the rest of PC’s. One thing lacking is a Microsoft Store in Michigan to shows these Hardware vendors and retail stores how it’s done. While I was there at BestBuy, I was actually showing everyone how all the devices work and share information, specifically with Office, Skydrive, Xbox and Microsoft Accounts. I’m done ranting. Great shows by the way. I enjoy listening to show week after week. Thanks for a great year and cant wait to hear what comes out next year. oh by the way (shameless plug) I do have an App in the Windows Phone Store called myWorkTime. It’s a basic app that tracks working time without using a timer or battery life. It’s very simple, and I’m working on adding more functionality. Also working on bringing it to WP8 and Windows 8 Store. When you install it. Let me know what you think. I would appreciate any and all feedback. I find it a great app. You can find it at

  3. says

    I think somewhere in this list of complaints, that you got it right. The windows story / platform is not complete. At PDC 09 they talked about “3 screens and a cloud” as the way Microsoft should go forward. Windows 8 is a point along that vision. Paul is right, It should be Windows 8 Phone, and maybe the Xbox-next should integrate parts of the Win 8 UI.

    As a developer with an app on both the phone and store “Decidero:Car” I was forced to deal with two different models for both creating the app and marketing that app.

    Again Paul is right, win8 phone apps should run on RT, and Alex is right about Microsoft struggling with execution. They got the best tech, lets hope they can tighten it up in 2013.

  4. James de Courcy says

    I really don’t think Microsoft has done a good job in the UK selling the Surface. Marketing wise they have pulled out all the stops with TV advertising and bill boards but only being able to buy the Surface online (direct from Microsoft) was a BIG mistake.

    With a consumer aimed device such as the Surface RT do they really expect the average consumer to purchase a £400+ tablet online without being able to try it first? Especially when you can walk into a high street store such a PC World and try out a whole array of Android and Apple tablets.

    I did see that John Lewis (big London department store) were advertising that they were selling the Surface in their electronics department recently. However, I was disappointed to see that their grand display consisted of just one Surface and they had none of the accessories in stock such as the coloured touch keyboards.

    Im really surprised that when Microsoft are so far behind in the tablet market that they have made their device so difficult for consumers to buy!

  5. says

    Love!!! Love your show! Wanted to express my concern that the adult language was not cut out from the program. Yes this is not a children’s podcast but the guy from nextweb er whatever seemed to say something vulgar every time he open his mouth.

    My boss told me once “don’t bring me a problem bring me the solution to the problem.”
    Solution: Tell new guests to keep it at least TV clean. OR Bleep out F words and Sh words etc..

    Really appreciate all you guys do!
    Thanks for the show!


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