Episode 084 – “Let Rick on the Show”


Cliff Simpkins, Microsoft
Windows Phone 8 SDK Nomination Survey
Windows Phone 8 SDK Announcement


Windows Phone Game: Metro Pipes
Windows Phone App Preview: Safe Travel v1.0
Windows Phone App: Hedron

Developer Tip of the Week

Does my computer support SLAT?

Designer Tip of the Week

Book: Thinking with Type

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  1. says


    Pass me on to Roger. I have use my rockin windows 8 multi-screen setup to develop Decidero Car. A free WP7 app (soon to be Win8 and WP8 app) designed to simplify the decision of selecting a new car. I would be happy to help Rodger but I would also like to hear about how to port my App to android and ios. Maybe Roger can help me as well.


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