Episode 016 – “More Mango Madness”

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Eric Fisher

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Microsoft Purchases Skype for 8.5 Billion Dollars
“Walshed” Phone Support Tool: Official Fix To Get You Back on Track
Telerik’s Windows Phone 7 Wedneday Webinar Series


Camera Sound

Turn On / Off Camera Sound

* From a privacy / security stand point we don’t believe iPhone, RIM or DROID allow this, right?

Smart DJ

SmartDJ Support


Facebook Chat in the Messages Hub

Office Hub

Office Hub Showing Office 365 and SkyDrive Support

SkyDrive Support

SkyDrive Support

Games Hub

Games Hub

Games Settings

Games Settings: “Auto Sync” and Xbox Live

Group Contacts

Group Messaging

Artist on Lock Screen

Setting: Now Playing Artist Art on Lock Screen

Developer Tip of the Week

TouchStudio by Microsoft Research

App of the Week

LiveShare by CoolIris

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  1. Paddy says

    The Windows Phone 7.5 is looking great. Hoping to buy the Nokia ” Concept ” when it comes out.

  2. Bluefyre says

    Nokia “Concept” ?
    Is there a pic of that?
    I can’t wait until Mango comes out. It’s gonna be great.

  3. techieg says

    ALl of this is great news, I wonder how Lync/Lync Online are implemented for business IM/presence, etc. WP7 is certinaly going to take the mobile space, it is here for the long run.

  4. says

    and for me… just photo sharing by bluetooth is enough :)
    and yes… better phones than the current lot, something like Sony Xperia Arc or Galaxy S 2 :)
    but wont happen anytime soon

  5. Ahmed Ibrahim says

    When can we expect Arabic Support in WP7 -please don’t use Tahoma font as it kills the experience-

  6. Xinli says

    How is on device encryption? It will be really stupid to check corp mail/calendar by OWA every day, while the encryption is required by exchange.

  7. dada says

    When the checkin comes out, how plugin-friendly will it be, i.e. will we be able to have some SDK support for say yahoo’s fireeagle?
    FB Places checkins are limited to a much less frequent interval than 4square, fe, others…

  8. Rhoadrunner says

    I would really love to see a speed dial, and not just tiles on the screen that are huge. I want a list of my top 10-20 I can pick from without going to search, recent calls, etc.

  9. peter says

    Tiles makes it look different. It is nice, unusual, something new. There is no need to have there too many of them anyway.
    Would be nice the new nokia to have a decent camera and hdmi port and and a bigger screen.

  10. Dave says

    Getting very excited. Mango 7.5 is sounding better and better all the time. As well as custom ringtones (finally) are we also going to get an increase in theme colours as I am frankly bored with the pitiful selection available.

    Are we also likely to see the ability to sort favourites into folders? Another biggie is the ability to save pictures to specific folders and not just Saved Pictures.

    • Zuner@heart says

      your kidding, right? There are over 16,000 apps and it’s the fastest growing app store at this point. So STFU, please!

  11. tony says

    No!!! just listened to a great show… but killing App of the week!! It was good… just spend 2 minutes…..

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